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Withdrawal Information

Leaving JFK?

If you are leaving John F. Kennedy High School a parent/guardian must contact your student's Attendance Clerk. We need a minimum of 24 hour notice prior to the student's last day of school. A parent can either come into the office to sign the withdrawal form OR send an email to your attendance clerk. The email must state the following:

-Students Name

-Students identification number 

-Date of withdrawal from Kennedy High School

-Reason for withdrawal & where the student will be attending school.

 A checkout sheet will be generated which your student will need to bring to their teachers/library to sign. Your next step is to take the sign out sheet to Mrs. Jung in the Business Office. She will check for any overdue books, etc. YOU CANNOT CHECK OUT WITHOUT ALL THE REQUIRED SIGNATURES. Your final stop will be with the Registrar, Mrs. Damewood. You will be given a copy of the checkout sheet and a copy of your transcript to take to your new school. If you owe money or have missing books, your new school will receive an unofficial copy of your transcripts. Schools require an official copy to give you credit for the classes you have taken. It is best to pay all your debts as you are leaving.

Attendance Clerk Information: 

A - E  Ms. Oyola Ext. 27022

F - Li  Mrs. Moscon Ext. 27024

M - R  Mrs. Mejia Ext. 27020

S - Z  Mrs. Lombrana Ext. 27026


    The new school can request official records by fax or email:

  fax: (510) 438-9287 - email:

                                *ATTN: Registrar*

 List of items Mrs. Damewood will forward to the new school:

 • Signed withdrawal form • official transcript • attendance record • immunization record * discipline records 








Registrar Contact Information:

Joelle Damewood

510-657-4070 Ext. 27016