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CELDT - California English Language Development Test

The CELDT test is used to identify EL (English Learner) students, monitor student progress, and serve as one criterion for assignment to a new level. Click here for more information.

Who must take the test?
New EL students, grades K -12, who arrive throughout the year, must take the test upon entering the school district. Thereafter, all EL students must take the test annually.

Where is the test given?
The test is given at each school site. New EL students who arrive throughout the year will take the test at the district office.

When is the test given?
This test will be administered July 1 thru October 31 of each school year.  It will be given to all new EL students throughout the year as they arrive at their new school.

What areas does the test cover?
The test covers listening/speaking, reading, and writing.