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Rules and Rubric

Class Expectations:

1) Decorate the school on your class' spirit week day 

2) Dress up to each day's theme

3) Have positive attitudes toward your peers 

4) Participate in all activities 

5) Get other students from your class to help out with decorations  

6) Be on your best behavior 

7) Cheer on your class, NO BOOING!!!!! 

8) Do not tear down any decorations from any class

9) Perform a dance and a skit (more information further down the page) 

10) Clean up after school 



1) If borrowing other classes’ materials, must ask class Advisor or Mulcahy  

2) No washing paint brushes in the water fountains or bathroom at school. You may wash them using the hose behind room 156, fill a bucket with water to clean them and dump the water down the drain behind room 156.

3) On the day of decorations, you may be on campus at the agreed upon time with your advisor, but no earlier than 5 A.M. You may also set up the night before but no later than 11 P.M if you have agreed upon a time with your advisor.

4) You must be supervised at ALL times by your advisor while decorating. YOU CANNOT BE ON CAMPUS WITHOUT YOUR ADVISOR OR AFTER 11 PM PERIOD!

5) Each class must create their own decorations. Each class can purchase decorations as well. However, on the day of, your sister class may help you decorate.

6) Appropriate Decorations ONLY (No profanity, nudity, sexual reference, drugs, alcohol, religious affiliations, etc.)

7) Taking down and/or tampering with other classes decorations will result in point deduction and possibly disqualification.

8) Save materials after your class' day for the Homecoming Rally and Decorating for the Homecoming Game at TAK

9) If you are making Decorations on campus, you must clean up ALL of your mess. 

10) After your day, if all of your decorations are not cleaned up (Ex. tape, posters, string, streamers, etc.) you will have points deducted. Be done cleaning up by roughly 4 P.M (one hour after school ends). YOU MUST LET THE CLASS BEFORE YOUR CLASS CLEAN BEFORE YOU START YOUR CLASS DECORATIONS.


**Note: Organization is the key to any activity.  Before planning competitive activities, 

   Keep the following outline in mind:

**Note: Recommend starting in the Summer. **    


1) Must tie in with class theme and incorporate class color

(Freshmen-White, Sophomores-Yellow, Juniors-Black, Seniors-Purple)

2) Positive attitude towards peers (No inappropriate dancing, no cursing, &no bashing other classes)

3) Must be a voice over NO MIC

4) All students may participate within their own class 



1) Music, costume and dance must be heard and seen by advisor before performing 

2) Students may ONLY participate in their grade level dance 

3) Any inappropriate conduct during dance or inappropriate music will not be tolerated, dance will be suspended

4) Inappropriate dance / music can loose points. 

5) Director/Choreographer of dance may not kick out any peers, if so director/choreographer will be kicked out and will not be able to participate in any other dances this school year 

6) All music and dances must have a deadline 

7) Music, dance, and script must be approved by advisors.  Failure can result in disqualification

**Note: Any Student wanting to participate in Spirit Week must be allowed.   

Homecoming Court: 

1) Homecoming Court must have a GPA of 2.0 to be nominated.   

2) All nominations come from Fall Sports (Football, Cheer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Dance Team, and Cross Country) and all approved clubs on campus  

3) Preliminary votes for King and Queen will be done by seniors.  Top 5 boys and girls will then be voted by the whole school. Court must be at the game to be crowned.  If not there the runner up will be crowned. Special circumstances will be taken into consideration. 

4) In the event that a nominee is suspended or moves away he or she will be disqualified. The runner up with the most votes will take the crown.   

Spirit Week Coin Drive:

Each class has a container with their class name written on the bin such as freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. The objective of the competition is to get the most sliver change in your class bin and to put pennies in the bins that are not your class. The pennies are minus one and the silver coins are plus one. This class competition is held during spirit week. The coin drive will start on Monday at Lunch and ends Thursday at Lunch. The coin containers will be located in front of amphitheater.

Thank you for judging this year’s homecoming