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How to Join ASB

Be a part of something great!

Students can join ASB by either applying for the leadership class or running for class office. Everybody applying for ASB (whether they run for office or just want to join the class) will have to complete an application and turn it in before the deadline. Once completed applications have been turned in on time they will be screened and sorted for the interview process. Students will then move forward to an interview. Please note that any application that is missing a piece of the application will not be considered for the program and is automatically disqualified for consideration for the program. 

Application packets come out between December and January for the following school year. A school loop messages is sent notifying students, parents, and staff about the application and the upcoming informational meeting. The informational meeting is not mandatory, but it is HIGHLY recommended that students attend to gather all information needed and to ask clarifying questions. Hard copies of the application can be found on the form board wall in room 156. Everybody applying for the leadership class or running for office MUST read and follow the ASB Code of Conduct as well. 

Join the Leadership Class.

In order to be a part of leadership the student must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Student must maintain a 2.0 GPA and turn in a progress report every two weeks. (If a student falls beneath a 2.0, they will report on academic probation for one quarter and if they do not improve they will be dropped from the class.)
  2. Student must be academically eligible. (No Ds, Fs, or NC) 
  3. Student will be enrolled, on time, and attend JFK leadership class.
  4. Student has read the student contract and is aware of responsibilities inside and outside of the leadership class.
  5. Student has completed all parts of the application and has turned it in to the Activities Director in Rm 156.

Become an ASB/Class Officer. 

In order to run for either ASB* or Class office, applicants must fill out an application, which includes the following:

  • Resume: Each candidate is required to submit a resume as a brief written account of personal, educational and work related qualifications and experience
  • Speech & video: Candidates are required to successfully deliver a speech in a video as part of gaining approval from ASB and their class to run for elected office. Videos will need to be sent to the JFK email,
  • Interview: Each candidate for office must successfully complete and interview with a panel of ASB members in order to be given permission to run for office. 

*Anybody applying for an ASB Officer position MUST have been a part of the Leadership Program for at least one year prior.

Complete the application and turn in to the Activities Director, Ms. Mulcahy