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Frequently Asked Financial Questions

For more information please contact Tori Mulcahy– or Donna Facha –

 Q. Why must I complete paperwork for a fundraiser?

A. Fundraisers must be properly documented for auditing purposes as well as to protect all people involved in the fundraiser, and to ensure no overlapping. They are to ensure student safety, compliance issues and no violations of the law.

Q. Why can’t we sell food during the school day?

A. Ed Code 35182.5 requires food fundraisers can’t occur ON –Campus until 30 minutes prior/after school. We have been granted three days that we use during Multicultural Week for the food sales of all clubs (including sport teams) on campus.

Q. Can we track student’s fundraising revenue individually for club and academic class field trips?

A. No.  Funds raised for a club or academic class field trip is an all or nothing scenario, such as Green Tech wanting to go to Yosemite or Y and G model court and legislator field trip in Sacramento.   Extra- Curricular activities such as prom is considered an extra and not required to be part of a club or academic class for graduation. 

Q. What is the difference between a Booster and ASB account? 

A. Ed Code 51520 states students can’t be solicited an hour before or after school unless under direct control of the school authorities.  Students taking part in fundraising during school hours are subject to state, district and school rules.  Any fundraiser taking place during the school day (and an hour before and after school) is considered an ASB fundraiser and funds must be deposited into the ASB account. Fundraisers put on by parents and are outside the school hours are deposited in Boosters.  However, any fundraiser tied with the school must have an activity/fundraiser form approved prior to the event.

Q. Can my sport team, class, or club have a raffle?

A. No, Raffles are considered to be a game of chance and believed to promote gambling.  They are not allowed by district or the penal code(§ 22–1705).

Q. Why do I need approval prior to purchasing?

A. State law requires that all student body expenses (purchases) be pre-approved.  It is to ensure it is what the students (sport teams, club, or class) wants and to verify there are sufficient funds available. In the event a purchase is made without prior approval, the school, district, Boosters, and PTSA are not liable to reimburse the purchase. The purchased would then become a donation to the school. (Example: uniforms purchased for soccer.)