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School Dances


Homecoming: October 25, 2019 7-10pm in the gym

Winterball: December 6, 2019 7-10pm in the gym

Prom: April 25, 2020 @ Castlewood 6-11pm

Address: 707 Country Club Cir, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Guest Information

Homecoming: Guests Under 21 Allowed (Must have guest pass turned in Wednesday prior to dance)

Winter Ball: Guests Under 21 Allowed (Must have guest pass turned in Wednesday prior to dance) 

Prom: Guests Under 21 Allowed (Guess pass must be turned in Wednesday prior to dance and approved guest must buy a ticket.)

To buy a ticket, all debts must be paid! *You also may not be on the restrictive list. Seniors, lack of service hours can jeopardize purchasing a ticket as well*

Guests cannot exceed the age limit of 20 years old. 

If you want a visitor to attend a Kennedy dance, they must complete form below. It must be submitted the Wednesday prior for admittance to the dance. Give it to the activities director, Ms. Mulcahy in Rm 156.

Note: In order to purchase a guest ticket, the Guest Pass must be complete and turned into Mr. Mulcahy at the time of purchase.   


Dress Code

Our dress code is designed to provide for student safety and to avoid unnecessary disruptions in dances.

  • No gang-related attire.
  • No Clothing that expresses hate or intolerance toward any group ( i.e. ethic, racial, sexual orientation)
  • No Bandanas, hairnets, and "do rags" of any color
  • Clothing that advertises tobacco, alcohol, weapons, etc. is prohibited
  • Clothing that reveals undergarments is prohibited

Students found to be in violation of the dress code will either have to change clothes immediately or be sent home.

Promposals/Flash Mobs

Over the past few years, Kennedy has seen an increase in both "flash mobs" and "promposals" during the break time. While these events are often non-intrusive and are at many times not meant to cause issues, there have been several of these events that have had negative effect on the school day. Both flash mobs and promposals can also serve as a distraction and take supervision away from areas, thus allowing opportunities for problems to develop in areas without supervision.

In an effort to have flash mobs affect supervision of students, JFK allows flashmobs only when approved by our administration and Activities Director. When organized and approved, Flash mobs can add excitment and bring attention to clubs, classes, and other student groups. It is the goal to make sure that we support all student groups planning to do this and make the experience for our students positive. 

"Promposals" are an emerging trend where a student organizes a very public and well thought out plan to ask another student to a dance or school event. While this is often flattering for some students who agree to the event, it has caused some students to come to school with concerns that they were embarassed by the attention or felt that they were pressured in front of the student body to give an answer. In addition, promposals take supevision resources from other areas of the school when large pockets of students suddenly crowd into a particular area. For this reason, "Promposals" are to be done outside of the school day only.