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Attendance Policy

It is the expectation of Kennedy High School that all students attend their classes and be on time.  Consistent and prompt attendance to a class will enable students to come ready to learn and be successful.  Our school is open and situated among a business and residential area so safety is also a concern.  When students are not in class, proper supervision for students cannot be provided.  Because safety for every Kennedy students is a high priority, we have implemented the following policies and consequences.

Attendance Policies

Consequences for first violation*

Students late to 1st block must check into the office. (Tardis to subsequent blocks are subject to classroom policies.)

Afterschool detention is assigned.

Student caught during tardy sweeps. 

Afterschool detention is assigned.

Students found off campus with the exception of lunch.

Saturday School is assigned.

Students skipping classes including advisory period and homeroom.

Saturday School is assigned.


*Consequent violations will result in progressive discipline including suspension.

 If you have any questions, please contact your administrator.