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General - Eligibility

Students are required by CIF, NCS and the MVAL to achieve a level of academic success that will allow them to graduate from high school.  Students can be in 1 of 3 different categories:

1. Eligible Student on Probation

2. Eligible Student not on Probation

3. Ineligible Student 


Eligible Student on Probation:

Probation is when a student has a gpa between a 1.75 and a 2.0 OR has at least one F.

For example: Joe has 2A's, 1B and an F even though his gpa is 2.5 he is on probation since he has an F.

                           John has 2D's, 1C and 1B, he is on probation since he has a 1.75 gpa but no F.

A student cannot be on probation for two consecutive semesters. In order to be off probation a student must get above a 2.0 and no F's. 

For example: Joe gets 2A's, 1B, and 1C. He is off probation since he has no F's AND his gpa is above 2.0. 

                           John gets 3 A's and 1F, he ineligible because he got an F.

Eligible Student Not on Probation:

If a student is not on probation they can have at most one F and/or have between a 1.75 and a 2.0 gpa. 

Ineligible Student:

Student has either more than 1 F, has below a 1.75 gpa, or has been on probation for more than 1 consecutive semester.  They are not allowed to participate in an fashion whether it be practice or competition. 

If you have any questions or concerns contact the Athletics Director, Paul McDermott,