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Welcome to Boosters

Mission Statement

The objectives of the Kennedy Titan Booster Club are to unify the efforts of those working in the interest of Kennedy High School's athletic programs and their participants, to provide financial support to the athletic program, to promote school spirit within the community and to offer scholarship opportunities to students. 

What We Do
The Kennedy Titans Booster Club raises funds though membership dues and fundraising events held throughout the school year.  We ask that every team participate in these fundraising events by providing a ream raffle prize and by selling tickets.  In this way, all sports are helping in the effort to raise funds not just for their sport, but for all the sports represented by Kennedy High School. 

What We Have Done

In the last four years*, Boosters has supported the following:

  • Titan Cheerleaders - 3 Cheer Mats 
  • Eligible Student Athletes - 7,   $500 Scholarships
  • Swim Team - 2 Diving blocks
  • Track and Field Team Uniforms
  • Boys Baseball - Fence Wind Blocks around the entire field
  • Boys and Girls Soccer - 2 Goal Nets
  • Girls Softball - Portable Fence system
  • Boys and Girls Volleyball - Net System and Referee Stand
  • Boys and Girls Locker rooms - 2 ice machines
  • Freshman Football Team - Uniforms
  • Varsity & JV Girls Soccer - Parkas
  • Freshman Boys Basketball - Uniforms
  • Girls Softball - Bleachers
  • Boys and Girls Volleyball - Uniforms
  • Wrestling - Uniforms
  • Swim team - Clocks
  • Weight Equipment for PE and Athletics

* A total of over $50,000 has been raised to support our athletic programs

Recently, through an extensive application submitted to the Candle Lighters organization, funds ( approximately $8900) were secured for new wrestling mats for the Wrestling team.   

For more info contact us at:

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