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Kennedy Titans Family Group (KTFG)

The John F.  Kennedy High School Parent/Teacher organization  is the Kennedy Titans Family Group (KTFG).  

The Kennedy Titans Family Group supports JF Kennedy High school in Fremont, CA by providing funds and resources that improve the education, school experience, and campus environment for all JF Kennedy students.

We welcome all Titan students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and alumni to join us! We want to help each other succeed. Once a Titan, Always a Titan!

For more information, please contact us at

Titans Boosters Club is a non-profit organization which supports athletics and Performing Arts of John F. Kennedy. To increase parental awareness our Boosters Club is dedicated to enhancing programs through membership and fundraising activities.

Support Kennedy High School by purchasing an ad in the school’s agenda planner here on campus.  Your advertisement supports many awesome programs at JFK.  Yours ad is show cased in the school agenda planners as a monthly reminder to the students. Your investment is not only a great value but also supports the education in your local school. It would also be a great help if you are able to go out to local businesses and sell ads just as our students do. Checks can be made out to Kennedy High School and a receipt will be provided.  Thank you for your support.


bannerDonate to a Cause

We are trying to purchase sports banners to put up in our gymnasium to showcase all our championships. Our goal is to increase athletic pride! The total cost for the banners is $3200.00, therefore any donation is appreciated. Cash, check, or credit card is accepted.

*If we receive more than needed, the excess will go towards general athletics to improve our sports programs.

For more information please contact:

Athletic Director, Paul McDermott 

Activities Director, Tori Mulcahy

Support our Local Sponsors

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