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FUSD Graduation Requirements

The Fremont Unified School District High School Course Catalog will provide more detailed information on the graduation requirements and course descriptions. Below is a list of each course available at Kennedy within the content areas.

To earn a high school diploma in Fremont Unified, students must complete 230 credits in the subject areas listed below, and complete 40 Service Learning Hours.

For information on Service Learning, see our page on our website.

230 Credits by Subject
**This list may vary for students with an IEP or who are learning English.

English = 40 credits
   English 9 = 10 credits (English 9A or English 9H)
   English 10 = 10 credits (English 10A or English 10H)
   English 11 = 10 credits (English 11A or AP English 11 Language)
   English 12 = 10 credits (English 12A, Expository Reading/Writing, or AP English Literature)

Social Studies/History = 30 credits
   World History = 10 credits (World History or World History H)
   US History = 10 credits (US History or AP US History)
   American Gov't/Econ = 10 credits (Gov't/Econ or AP Gov/AP Econ)

Mathematics = 30 credits **Each class is worth 10 credits
   Common Core (CC) Math 3
   Common Core (CC) Algebra 1
   Discovering Geometry
   Common Core (CC) Geometry
   Geometry Honors
   Algebra 2
   Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors
   PreCalculus (or PreCalculus Honors)
   AP Calculus AB
   AP Calculus BC
   Introduction to Statistics
   AP Statistics

Science = 20 credits
   Physical Science = 10 credits
               (Physics in the Universe, Chemistry, Chem H, Chem AP, Physics, Phys H, or Phys AP)

   Life Science = 10 credits
               (Living Earth, Bio H, or Biology AP)

PE = 20 credits
   PE 9
   PE 10-12

Visual and Performing Arts, World Language, OR Career Tech = 10 credits

Health = 5 credits

Electives = 75 credits
**Includes any extra Math, Science, PE, Visual/ Performing Arts or World Languages taken.