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Study Abroad

Study Abroad for High School Students
Why wait until you are in college to experience studying abroad?  There are programs for high school students as well.  The United States Department of State is a good resource for locating reputable programs.  Study abroad connects American high school students with future leaders around the world, enabling them to collaborate on today’s global challenges such as human rights, community development, workforce development, climate change, and global health. Scholarship opportunities are open to all American high school students who meet program eligibility criteria. 
What about a Summer Program?
If you haven't decided how to spend your summer, you may want to think about the possibility of participating in a summer program at a college or university in the United States or abroad.  You get to experience life on a college campus, explore new and exciting fields you may want to pursue as a college major, make friendships with students from around the globe.  It also allows you to "try on" a college/university that you think you might want to attend after you graduate from high school.  FastWeb is one of many sites that provide lists of summer programs.  The other option is to contact the college/university you are interested in and see if they have a summer program that you would enjoy.
Gap Year
What is Gap Year?  It is the practice of taking a year off between high school and going to college to travel, do internships, volunteer work, or take non academic courses.  They are a means of allowing a student to become independent and learn responsibility prior to engaging in university life.  There are many reputable Gap Year programs.  Attend a Gap Year Fair to learn about what's out there.