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a-g List

Kennedy High School's ATP/CEEB CODE is 050966

To get to the JFK High School a-g list go to this website: 


What does a-g mean?  These are the subject areas all students must take and pass to be eligible for a UC/CSU.  The breakdown is as follows:

      a - History/Social Science - 2 years

      b - English - 4 years

      c - Mathematics - 3 years

      d - Laboratory Science - 2 years

      e - Language other than English - 2 years required, 3 years recommended

      f - Visual and Performing Arts - 1 year

      g - College Preparatory Elective - 1 year

The charts below lists the JFK courses that meet an a-g requirement.  Those courses highlighted in yellow will receive an extra point on your UC or CSU application.  The re-computation is part of the application process. Fremont Unified School District does not report a weighted GPA.