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Z. Gray


My name is Ms. Gray! This is my third year at Kennedy. This page will have information to help you through this year.  

How to access class for TERM 2: 

Please login to only your correct google classroom with the code below to get information about the Zoom sessions.

ELD 3D Block 1: hhq2umq

ERWC Block 2: o37zz5q

ERWC Block 3: g63wmr5

Block 1 ELD 3D
Block 2 ERWC
Block 3 ERWC
Block 4 Prep


Contact Information:


Office hours: 

Office hours are held between 10:30AM - 11:30 AM

If you would like to speak with me during office hours, please email me and I will send you a Zoom link, or respond by email if applicable. 

In order to ensure a face-to-face Zoom meeting during office hours, please notify me the day before.