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Mr. Adams


This is my fourth year teaching at Kennedy High School and I love it. I have a degree in Mathematics / Economics, but before becoming a teacher I chose to work as a carpenter for 9 years. I have built everything from expensive homes to gas stations. After becoming a General Contractor, building many exciting projects, and gaining the practical skills that I desired, I felt like my time would be better spent with students.

I teach CC3, Algebra 1, and Geometry, which are all courses that I believe are very useful for any career that my students choose. I am here to help students become more analytical thinkers and to build their confidence in a subject (Math) that challenges most of us. I will always do my best to encourage and help students see that they have a lot of great skills to offer. It is my perspective that Math is all about learning to think in new ways. 

Finally, I really enjoy incorporating my knowledge of the building trades (Contractor) and financial literacy (Economics Degree). So, look forward to it. 

I am very excited to work with my students and will support you in OUR classroom with whatever level of skills you have. 

Mr. Adams

Please check your google Calendar and join the Google Classroom with the code on the left of this message. 

Contact Information


Phone: (510) 952 - 7042

My Schedule
Block 1 CC3
Block 2 CC3
OFFICE HOURS 10:30-11:30 
Block 3 Algebra 1
Block 4 Prep