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M. Tagami

TagamiOffice Hours: See DL Bell Schedule (Please note for a guaranteed appointment during office hours you must email me ONE day in advance and received a confirmation email.)

Telephone:  510-657-4070 ext. 27406


Google Drive Permission Share: 

Room: 406


Degrees and Certifications:


B.A.: English Literature
B.S.: Chemical Engineering
Credential: Chemistry
Authorizations: English Learner, Literature, Composition, Drama
M.A.: Chemistry Education
M.A.: ELL Education
M.Ed.: Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
Doctoral Studies in General Psychology, Cognition and Learning Theory

Hobbies:  Cooking, Traveling, Gardening, Home Decorating, Surfing the Web, Eating, Shopping, and spoiling my babies (Marie, Delilah, Wallace, Steven, Kamilla, Gracie and Charlie).  (Gracie "Empress" passed away on January 2015. Delilah passed September 2017.)

Dislikes:  Stupidity, Scape-goating, Hypocrisy, Pessimism, Elitists, Intolerance and Excessive Foul Language

Courses Taught: 2020-2021

Fall Term 2020 (Click on the class code to your class to go to Google Classroom.)

Block 1:  ENG 10A (Google Class Code [knvccws])

Block 2:  AP ENG 11(Google Class Code [m65glh2])

Block 3:  AP ENG 11 (Google Class code [nded3gk])

Block 4:  Prep

Chemistry Minions

Chemistry Minions 2014/2015

M. Tagami Locker