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M. Kerr

About ME

I teach Math and Engineering. I am actually a very sunny and often funny person who loves to teach but I really hate writing cheerful summaries about myself. So let's keep it very basic.

The best, very best way to get in touch with me is email. If you haven't heard from me in a day, then I didn't see your email, which should only occur if you used a personal email rather than go through an interface like Schoolloop or google classroom. Don't get me wrong; it's fine to use your personal email, but sometimes our spam software is overactive. So if you don't hear from me after a day using a personal account, please use an interface email to alert me. I'll check spam and we'll fix it.

I wish I could tell you I'm a highly structured teacher with an unvarying routine but alas, that's some other universe and a different Ms. Kerr.  I often switch plans based on student needs or unforeseen circumstances. 

On the plus side, I'm extremely flexible. Don't panic if you (or your student) can't make a test, or got logged off, or missed some deadline. Just let me know asap. If you're struggling, again, don't panic. Let me know.